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About us

Yum Productions Pty Ltd offers students the opportunity to enrol in its available course/s that are pathways to either further education or a career based on their studies. 

From its first day of operation until the present Yum Productions Pty Ltd.’s focus has always been on the welfare of each student; regardless of whether this was related to their academic, financial, emotional and/or physical well-being.

Our Mission: to be a provider of quality education services for our students.  These services are designed to assist them in realising their full potential in their chosen areas of learning so that they can become productive and happy members of society wherever they choose to reside and whether they use their qualifications to enrol for further study or work.

This mission statement is accomplished by:

a.      Offering each student training that provide them with the best possible outcomes, training facilities, current and relevant training resources, qualified trainers and assessors with relevant industry experience.

Our training facilities include, Comfortable, spacious and well-appointed training facility for its course/s.

Our training Resources are:


                                                              i.      Developed in consultation with industry

                                                            ii.      Acquired from a variety of sources; other resource developers and validated byYum Productions.

                                                          iii.      Validated before and moderated after being delivered


Our training and assessment staff are:

                                                           iv.      Fully qualified

                                                             v.      Developed professionally through internal training programs, staff meetings

                                                           vi.      Industry current for the qualification they are training and assessing.


b.      Developing employment pathways for students that complete their studies. Our placement of students into commercial kitchens as part of their hospitality training has a two pronged benefit. One, it exposes the student to real life work conditions. Second, in the optimum situation it opens up potential job opportunities.


c.       Providing an inclusive environment in which each student feels important from the moment they enrol until the day they complete their training. A strong emphasis is given to the welfare of individual students and this is delivered by staff members that are aware of and empathetic to student needs.

Our Vision

Yum Productions Pty Ltd.’s primary purpose is to provide quality education in the Vocational Education and Training sector of the education market. Student numbers and the number of programs will continue to grow as a result of our reputation for, and commitment to excellence. 

Future growth will come as a result of continuing to practice values that have underpinned our programs:

Values such as:

·         Integrity

·         Inclusiveness

·         Honesty

·         Trust


We will demonstrate these values by:

·         Providing an inclusive and professional learning environment

·         Encouraging responsibility and empowerment

·         Behaving with individual and group integrity

·         Adopting sustainable practices in all Institute functions

·         Providing flexible methods of learning for ourclients





Yum Productions Pty Ltd.’s primary purpose is to provide quality education in the Vocational Education and Training sector of the education market.