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Our Vission

Yum Productions Pty Ltd.’s primary purpose is to provide quality education in the Vocational Education and Training sector of the education market. Student numbers and the number of programs will continue to grow as a result of our reputation for, and commitment to excellence. 

Our Mission

Our Mission isto be a provider of quality education services for our students.  These services are designed to assist them in realising their full potential in their chosen areas of learning so that they can become productive and happy members of society wherever they choose to reside and whether they use their qualifications to enrol for further study or work.


What is hospitality?

The hospitality industry is made up of thousands of exciting organisations including hotels, restaurants, food service management, fast food, coffee shops and pubs, bars and nightclubs.


It involves an array of job roles from cooks to chefs, and management positions too. It’s an industry that offers a unique working environment, and as it is public facing it offers a sociable and dynamic working life. If you don’t fancy a traditional 9 to 5 office job, then a career in hospitality can give you that variety you need


Hospitality industries need the skills profile of people completing training to match the jobs on offer. Industry demand for qualified employees is more complex than a simple numbers game. It is about the right people, with the right skills for the right jobs at the right time. It is as much about existing employees as it is about new entrants. It is about balancing present workforce needs with future directions.


What makes people employable in the tourism, travel and hospitality industries?

All employers want people with great technical and customer service or sales skills, people who can think for themselves and solve problems while still following the key rules and procedures, people who can work quickly and efficiently – and of course, people who can keep learning and developing with the business. It is industry’s view that employable people can only come from training and assessment that occurs in a context that reflects the workplace. This requires:

• Training and assessing in the appropriate physical environment.

• Adequate up to date equipment and technology to reflect current practices.

• Speed and timing for tasks typical for a commercial operation.

• Productivity which reflects workplace expectations.

• Integration of multiple tasks and application of multiple competencies simultaneously.

• Dealing with multiple and varied customers and team members.

• Interruptions to work typical of the workplace.

• Dealing with multiple and varied problems in given timeframes.

• Integration of health and safety issues, employability skills and compliance demands.

• Sufficient customer traffic that accurately reflects the complexity of the role.







**Note: Photographs used are only for marketing purpose, may not be of actual students, staff, equipment or facilities.